About Us


AB VALVES GmbH has been founded in 2002 and already enjoys a very good reputation in the valves sector: AB VALVES is well known for his first class products with attractive prices. AB VALVES supplies industrial valves for water – and power – plants, for refineries and water treatment installations in numerous countries from Siberia to the Emirates, from Portugal to Uzbekistan. The success of AB VALVES is based upon the outstanding quality, certified by several international institutions, of the more than thirty different products as well as the steady companionship of the customers in their big and small projects. Furthermore AB VALVES in general is able to offer short delivery times as a result of the large stock holding.

AB VALVES disposes of an own best situated real property in Frankurt/Main, close to the Rhein-Main-Airport and in the heart of Europe. The appealing facilities are including big storehouses, factories and test station, but also a representative office-area with conference hall and permanent in-house-exhibition. A couple of competent engineers, draftsmen and experienced operators are always ready to answer technical questions and discuss difficult projects. Among the long-time business-partners of AB VALVES you find famous German and Swiss companies as well as reliable international corportations.